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Need Your Florida Driver’s License Reinstated? We Can Help

On Behalf of | Aug 2, 2023 | DUI

Having your Florida driver’s license suspended or revoked feels like a theft of your freedom. You need your license to move freely as you need to – for work, for pleasure, for family, and for friends.

We understand how challenging this is because we work directly with clients to get their licenses reinstated every day. This is something we want to make sure Floridians know we help with because not enough law firms do this. In fact, we are the only firm in the region that actively advertises Florida license reinstatements as far as we know.

So, what do you need to know about the process?

Every Reinstatement Case Looks Different

The process is not just a one-size-fits-all approach. Each client has different circumstances that led to their license being suspended. We get to know you and your situation before moving forward with your case.

Some of the most common reasons for a suspension include:

  • D-6 Suspension
  • Out-of-State Suspension
  • DUI Suspension
  • Unpaid Court Fines/Fees in Unrelated Cases

The D-6 suspension results from a failure to pay fines or clear citations from any count in Florida due to a traffic violation. In order to remove a D-6 suspension, you must clear those outstanding fines to get your license reinstated. We help you with this process.

Out-of-state suspensions require us to operate using the Interstate Commerce Act to rectify the issue that crosses state lines. This means remedying the issue with your previous state while you are here in Florida.

DUI suspensions often require you to follow certain programs and procedures. This process is often nuanced for Florida drivers. We believe that just because you made a mistake in getting behind the wheel while under the influence doesn’t mean you have to suffer forever.

Unpaid court fines or fees from unrelated cases actually impact your eligibility to hold a driver’s license in Florida. Do you have unpaid child support or alimony? We will work with you to get this sorted out in the arrears so these unrelated matters aren’t preventing you from getting behind the wheel.

Fighting Back When Due Process is Ignored

You are owed due process under the Constitution. The suspension of a license without an opportunity to defend your case and uphold your rights cannot stand. Many of our driver’s license reinstatement cases center around this issue.

When you aren’t given due process in receiving a license suspension, we will work to get your license reinstated as quickly as possible through a variety of measures at our disposal.

Modifying Sentencing Orders

If you were given due process but received a sentencing order that resulted in the suspension of your license, our efforts go toward getting those sentencing orders modified. Court orders must be followed, but people don’t realize that these often are not “final.”

Removing the suspension as a term of your sentence or getting the suspension lowered allows you to get your license back sooner than previously indicated.At Titan Law, we support the right of Florida drivers to move freely around our great state. When you need your license reinstated in the Sunshine State, you know who to call.