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What is My Florida Personal Injury Case Worth?

On Behalf of | Jun 21, 2023 | Personal Injury

We get this question maybe more than any other.

“What is my personal injury case worth?”

You search that on Google and you find firms convinced they’ve got the formula to tell you a dollar amount without ever having sat at a table or even talked on the phone with you. There are calculators and tables and all this content dedicated to answering your question without hearing your story.

We are here to tell you: throw that all away and talk to a Florida personal injury attorney who actually cares about your experience.

There is no magic formula

A one-size fits all approach to your injury case tells you you are just another number on a long list of cases. The nuance of your experience and the details of your story fit into the same category as everyone else. At Titan Law, we don’t practice law with a one-size fits all mindset.

No formula can tell you exactly what your case is worth because formulas can’t estimate the true damages you suffered. You may have hospital bills and therapy bills and estimates about future care and those absolutely impact your case, but they are not the end of the line. Your case will be worth at least the total financial impact you have suffered, but some financial losses are incalculable without getting to know you and your story.

Your time, experience, pain, and suffering are valuable

We could make a list of recoverable damages in a Florida personal injury case including current medical expenses, future medical expenses, property damage, and lost income but the list doesn’t end there. Your entire experience must be considered and factored in.

Pain and suffering is a particular area of personal injury recovery that is considered “non-economic” damage. There is no “receipt” to pain and suffering to just punch into a calculator and move on. Your attorney and the courts will discuss the severity of your pain, the weight of the emotional damage you are experiencing, the negative impact on your personal relationships (also known as loss of consortium), and other factors that impact your everyday life.

Our team gives a voice to the voiceless which means we leave no stone unturned in bringing value back to your pockets when you suffer a loss.

Recent tort reform limits certain compensation

We do want to note that at the time of this writing, certain damages are no longer recoverable in Florida personal injury cases. House Bill 837, signed into law on March 24, 2023, eliminates what is referred to as “one-way attorney fees.” Even if you win your case against another party or insurance company, you will no longer have your own attorney fees or fee multipliers paid out by the other party. Officials claim this ends the possibility of “frivolous lawsuits” in our state, but actual personal injury victims will ultimately pay for this change.

HB 837 made additional alterations to the way certain medical expenses are calculated among other changes. It’s best to work closely with your attorney to understand how this new law impacts your case.

Titan Law believes in the value of your experience

At Titan Law, we are not going to just take every case that comes across our desk. Our team fights for the truth and the experience of Floridians who are victims of personal injuries.

When you contact our offices, you consult with your attorney to determine whether or not you have a case. While we have systems and deep experience handling Florida personal injury cases, we will never pretend to have a dollar figure in mind until we actually get to know you and your story.