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What Happens to Those Labeled as Sex Offenders?

On Behalf of | Apr 3, 2020 | Criminal Defense

In addition to penalties (like fines and prison time) that result from a criminal conviction, there are often consequences that follow around those who have been found guilty of serious crimes after they have paid their debt to society. These are referred to as “collateral consequences,” and can dramatically affect people for the rest of their lives. A widely known collateral consequence of a sex crime conviction is having to register as a sex offender. This label carries a heavy stigma and impacts those on the list in many ways.

Titan Law has outlined some of those ways below:

  • After you have been released from prison and established your residency in Florida, you have 48 hours to notify your local sheriff’s department in-person.
  • You are required to give identifiable information about yourself, including height, weight, hair and eye color, race, and sex. This information will be available to the public via an online database.
  • If any information about you or your living situation changes, you must notify local authorities within 48 hours.
  • If you have been convicted of a sex crime that involved a minor, state law prevents you from living within 1,000 feet of any place that is frequented by children.
  • Being on the sex offender registry also places restrictions on where you are able to work; prohibited workplaces include schools, day cares, churches, or any other place children frequent.
  • Many Florida municipalities have stricter restrictions on sex offenders than the state law lays down. For example, the distance between your residence and any schools may be 2,000 feet or greater.

How Long Must Someone Remain on the Registry?

There are more than a dozen offenses that require those convicted to register for life. Generally, any sex crime involving a minor mandates lifetime registration, as well as computer sex crimes and sexual battery.


Sex crimes carry some of the most severe penalties available to prosecutors. One of the tools that the state of Florida uses as a supposed deterrent is the sex offender registry, which has many attached consequences that affect those on the list for the rest of their lives. This is a major reason why those accused of a sex crime need to switfly consult with an aggressive and thorough criminal defense firm like Titan Laq. Call our firm today at Call or get in touch with us through our website.