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Reimagining Legal Advocacy

Titan Law is located right in the heart of Southwest Florida. We’re not your typical law firm. Embracing an anti-establishment ethos, we redefine legal representation with a collective experience spanning decades.

Meet Our Legal Innovators

Michael A. Camadeco brings a formidable criminology and criminal justice background, honed through intensive studies at Delaware School of Law and MSU Denver. His journey includes pivotal roles in the Florida Department of Juvenile Justice and the Pennsylvania Criminal Defense Clinic. Michael is also a certified Level 1 firefighter, demonstrating his commitment to community welfare beyond legal realms.

Diego Gil embodies a non-traditional path to law, transitioning from a military police role in the Navy to the courtroom. Raised in New Jersey and now proudly serving Florida, Diego’s dedication to public service sparked during his internship with the Office of the State Attorney. He continues this commitment by advocating for veterans’ rights at Titan Law and as a part of the Board of Directors for Wounded Warriors of Collier County.

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Our Distinctive Approach

Our journey isn’t confined to legal textbooks; it’s diverse and non-conformist, and that’s our strength. We’ve navigated different terrains, from military deployments to winning esteemed law competitions. This varied experience shapes our approach. We’re not just defenders; we strategize. We’re not mere representatives; we fight with unwavering tenacity.

Championing Your Rights In Personal Injury And DUI Cases

We are skilled in personal injury and DUI cases. Our mission is simple: to fight for you. In personal injury matters, we ensure fair compensation for negligence-caused injuries. Whether it’s a car accident or a collision with an 18-wheeler, we’re dedicated to securing justice. In DUI cases, we provide strong defense strategies, guiding you through legal complexities. With a deep understanding of Florida law, our focus is on protecting your rights.

Connect With Our Visionaries

Ready to discuss your case? Our strategy sessions transcend mere consultations; they’re your gateway to an unyielding defense. Reach out to us today for a conversation that could redefine your legal standing – because at Titan Law, we’re not just lawyers; we’re staunch advocates for your cause. Call 239-361-2603 or complete this online form to get started.